Mini-beast Art Exhibition 🎨

‘Every child is an artist’ 🎨

This afternoon, we opened our Mini-beast Art Exhibition to our families.

We’ve been inspired by artists, storybooks and real-life minibeasts! 🐞

We’ve explored different types of media and different techniques and we collated all of our ideas to create a beautiful display for our families. 🧡

Visiting Keystone

Our inquisitive little ones are always asking to visit ‘the school over there’. Today we took Dragonflies over to Keystone Academy and spent some time with the children and staff there.

The children loved making new friends, mixing with older children and exploring another brand new school.


Forest School visit

Today Caterpillars ventured to Inside Out forest school. For some of the children it was there first visit. They really showed how skilled and adventurous they are becoming. They really do have a passion for outdoor learning.

In the moment

We seek to follow the children’s interests at Bowbrook.  We were so excited to watch the tractors spreading the sand & preparing the field ready for sports day today!
Our children had so many questions about how they transported the sand, why they were spreading it & what would happen next.
We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to transfer this learning back into the classroom and explore it for ourselves! 🚜


Nature Club

Nature Club with Mrs Proctor is after school on a Wednesday. This week we have planted fruit trees which we will be nurturing.

Mini beast hunt

This week the children have been on a mini beast hunt in the surrounding environment. Mini beasts is our topic for this half term and the children are extremely enthusiastic about it!


Our children definitely ‘felt the fear & did it anyway’ this morning at our exciting Bugfest workshop!
We loved finding out about the different mini-beasts and insects and the similarities and differences between them.
Thank you to the Bugfest leaders for our fabulous workshop!

Singing Club

A new term at Bowbrook means new clubs & new opportunities for our children.
Singing with Mrs Madden tonight & the girls learnt how to warm up their voices correctly, how to stand properly & began to learn Beauty and the Beast.
Gorgeous voices & the perfect end to a Monday. 🎵

Singing assembly

Monday is our day for singing assembly! ✨
Last half term we learnt lots of nursery rhymes and the Makaton signs that accompany them.
Today we started to learn Robbie Williams’ song ‘I love my life’. We listened to the lyrics and discussed why we love our lives before learning signs for the adjectives in the song.
‘I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me.’
Ask your child to look at the picture to remind themselves of the actions and see if they can sing the chorus to you!

The Great Outdoors

“The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky.”
-Marget McMillan

Frozen Sing-Along

Thank you everybody for coming along to our Frozen Sing-Along event.  There is no better way to unwind on a Friday than coming together with friends for a few hours in the evening!  We hope you all enjoyed it!


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is in full swing!
Great opportunity for some physical development and to get some healthy food in our tummies 🍎

Easter Activities

What an EGGcellent last day of term!
We started our day reading the story Egg Drop about an egg that wants to fly. Questions sparked of how we could make an egg fly and drawing on prior learning from science week about gravity, the children decided they were going to design, create & test their own egg flying contraptions! Parachutes, balloons and paper aeroplanes were constructed but unfortunately – we didn’t manage to make the egg fly but we did have great fun & showed super teamwork throughout the process.
Fast forward to this afternoon and we explored all things chocolate! Mrs Woosnam showed us how to make our own painted chocolates and Miss Nealon led some chocolate mindfulness tasting with us. How lucky are we to have such amazing adults in our school?  A super day to end a super term.
Happy Easter everyone! 🐰🐥

Science week

The children have loved predicting, investigating and experimenting this week. There has been lots of new scientific vocabulary being shared and some brilliant questions from our curious little thinkers!  We had Supersonic Sue come and visit us and went to Priory Secondary school to take a look at their laboratories and carry out various experiments.

Here’s a look at what we got up to…
Have a great weekend! 🧪

Dance troupe perform at the Theatre Severn

Our children shone like stars at the Theatre Severn dance show! They encapsulated our motto of: feel the fear and do it anyway.  This was an impressive performance from our reception pupils!

Secondary School Science Labs!

Reception visited the Priory Secondary school to take a look at their laboratories!


Museum Workshop

An immersive morning for our Dragonflies and Caterpillars as we dived inside the story of Peepo and explored the past with Gladys.  We learnt about the different chores she had to do and decided our lives were much easier now!  By the end of Reception year, we want our children to be confident in discussing similarities and differences between their own lives and things of the past.  Thank you to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery for this workshop.


Visit from the police

We had an amazing visit from two police officers this week. The children heard all about the role of our police and then had the opportunity to explore lots of the equipment, have a look inside the police car and then even try fingerprinting and collecting evidence. Our Heroes in the community theme has been inspirational for our Dragonflies and Caterpillars.

Weekly Yoga

Every Tuesday we welcome Jess from Relax Kids to share her yoga practices with us. The process involves movement exercises, social games, stretching, peer or self massage, breathing exercises, affirmations and relaxations including visualisations, mindful and autogenic exercises, all elements of which are evidence-based and play an important part in self-regulation.


One of the heroes in our community is Firefighter Alan. The children loved learning all about the job he does. They asked some fantastic questions and have been using the vocabulary in their role play throughout the week.

We are loving Heroes in the community week.

Coastguard Tamsyn

Part of our Dreams come true week has given us visits from lots of inspirational people and parents. Today we have been so lucky to welcome Captain Tamsyn Hogan, Hunter’s mummy, in to talk to us about her job as a helicopter pilot and coastguard and how she helps people.  We then designed paper helicopters and carried out some investigations.

Cafe visit!

Today we were so excited to visit Cafe Connect at the Radbrook Shopping Precinct. Dave was there to meet us and welcomed us in. We were treated to a milkshake and Swiss roll! What a treat!  What a lovely community gesture to give us this for free! Thank you so much, we had a great time and are looking forward to role playing cafes back at School.


Heroes in the community

We’ve had a super week with visits from Search & Rescue, the school nurses and a firefighter! We learnt how to keep ourselves safe and what to do if we find ourselves in danger.  What a brilliant start to our Heroes in the Community week!