Head’s update

Summer term is here!
We are so excited for this term. Hopefully we get some nice weather and we can spend lots of time outside. The outdoors can be the best classroom in the world.

There are some new faces amongst the children and staff. Miss Taylor has joined our team and you will see her in the front office and in the Nursery classroom. We have some new children, particularly in Nursery. Please help welcome the new families into our community.

We want to make this term incredible for the children and have many visits and visitors planned. As always we want our parents and the wider community involved.

It seems to have flown by but we will be looking at transitions to the next year group for the majority of our children this term. We have waiting lists for our Nursery and Reception classes for next year which shows the success of our teaching team and the support that we have received from our community.

As always, any questions then please come and speak to me. Any ideas for trips or activities are always welcome.

Sam Aiston



Relationships and Sex Education (RE/RSE) and Physical Health and Mental Well-Being Policy

Dear Parents/Carers,

Relationship and Health Education (RHE)

It is compulsory for all schools to teach Relationships Education and Health Education. The purpose of these subjects is to support all young people to be happy, healthy and safe – to equip them for adult life and to help support children to make positive contributions to society.

You can read our the policy below:

RSHE-Consultation-Spring-2024.docx (live.com)

As part of this, all schools are required to consult with parents/carers when developing and reviewing their policies, which will inform decision on when and how certain content is covered.

Effective engagement gives the space and time for parent/carers to input, ask questions, share concerns and for the school to decide the way forward. We will listen to your views, and then make a reasonable decision on how best to proceed. When and how content is taught is ultimately a decision for the school, and consultation does not provide a parental veto on curriculum content.

Completing the Parent Consultation Online Survey

You can complete the online survey by clicking on the link below:


Please note the survey is available to complete at any point, with no end date – responses will be reviewed periodically and considered when the policy is reviewed each year.

Alternatively you may wish to discuss the Policy content in person if so please arrange a meeting with myself.

You can find further details about the introduction of compulsory Relationships and Health Education, as well as answers to many other frequently asked questions, on the  Government website

Thank you very much for your time and helping support the school.

Sam Aiston


Save the date for our next community event

Get your singing voices warmed up!


Now we have a wonderful new library, we have trained up our librarians. They were rewarded with their very own librarian badge which they will be wearing everyday. If anyone needs any support with finding a particular book, these are the people to call!




Easter is coming and this week we have had so much fun (and chocolate)! We have made use of our cooking facilities and made some delicious Easter treats. We also had an Easter Egg hunt around the whole school!


After school club

Our After school club runs from 3.20 – 5.30 every night with Miss Ferguson and Mrs Engler. There is food, games, craft activities, bikes, imagination playground and lots more.

Headteacher’s update

Our second term is over. Much like the first, it has been incredibly busy. When I looked back through our social media posts, I can’t believe how much we have done and the opportunities that our children have had.

Our school continues to grow and we are consistently getting more children. Our Reception class and Nursery for September are over subscribed. We are determined to maintain the sense of community and keep that close relationship with our families as we continue on this journey to a full school. On the subject of families, we could not ask for a more supportive group. The support and engagement has been like nothing I have experienced before and everyone, particularly the children are benefitting from this. There are new staff who have joined us and they have fitted in wonderfully well. Anyone who joins this school understands the expectations and that they will be going above and beyond to provide exciting learning opportunities for the children. This will continue to be the case.

Next term will be fantastic. Hopefully the weather will be brighter and we will be able to use the outside areas that we are developing. There will be many opportunities for our parents to visit and be involved and there will be several community events. It will be the best term yet.

Have a great Easter everyone and look forward to a brilliant Summer.


Sam Aiston

Science week

We have loved predicting, investigating and experimenting this week. We had Supersonic Sue come and visit us and went to Priory Secondary school to take a look at their laboratories and carry out various experiments. Science is so much fun

Science Week (youtube.com)

World Book Week

Another wonderful week celebrating all things books. We have had workshops, secret storytellers, dressing up, illustrator visits and much much more!



Mother’s Day

The most wonderful Mother’s Day afternoon celebrating our amazing Mums. We had flowers, coffee and cake – the perfect combination.

Thankyou to Debbie for coming and showing us how to arrange our flowers beautifully and giving us some top tips. We had such a lovely time!

Reverend Charlotte

Reverend Charlotte popped in to pay us a visit today. We enjoy the support from the local church and the children enjoyed listening to her story and acting it out.

Headteacher update

This week has been World Book week. Once again our parents have been fantastic. We have had secret story tellers (our parents) come in through the week to read to our children. They have loved it. We have had all kinds of activities and visitors and I know Mrs Madden will make it into a cool video to share with you all.

We are recruiting for a Year 1 teacher currently. We are delighted that we have had so many applicants and the process to find the best one suited to Bowbrook has begun. We have been very clear to all our applicants that we are the ‘school of opportunity’ and there will be an expectation to provide far more than high quality teaching and we will expect a range of enrichment and extra curricular provision for our children.

We are continuing to put plans in place for our outdoor area. We have managed to recruit someone to work on our fields so look out for developments throughout the summer term.

Next week is Science week and we have some fun experiments and visits for the children.

Have a great week.

Sam Aiston

Around the World week

We had an incredible week with visitors teaching us about Spain, India, Anguilla, Gambia, France, Italy and Canada.
Take a look at some of the highlights:

World Book week

On Monday afternoon we will be opening our library at 3pm. Everyone is welcome to join us. We will then be sharing a story in the Dance studio to celebrate World Book week.

Headteacher update

I hope everyone has had a good couple of weeks. This is the first Newsletter since half term and the children have quickly settled back into their routines.

This week has been incredible. Our focus has been Around the World and we have been celebrating the cultural diversity that we have within our families. We have had a live chat with Ebo school in Gambia and learned all about life in the school and the surrounding community. We have also found out all about Canada and Spain and have been lucky enough to try out some delicious food. The children have found out all about India and the Caribbean and had French lessons and sang songs from around the world. We are so lucky to have parents who are prepared to come in and educate our children and we are so grateful.

We have had Miss Jones and Mrs Engler join our team this week and we are excited to have two extremely experienced teaching assistants to support the children. Mrs Courtney will also be joining us shortly. We are currently recruiting a Year 1 teacher and have had incredible interest- rightly so too as it is a wonderful opportunity. We will be appointing the teacher before Easter so they can visit our school and meet the children before starting in September.

As always, if there are any issues do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sam Aiston

New staff members

As the number of pupils increases, we will be employing more staff to join our fantastic team. We have been lucky enough to recruit two experienced members of staff who have fitted in brilliantly.

Welcome Mrs Engler and Miss Jones!

Our facilities

We had a wonderful first week back using all our wonderful facilities to ensure the children have a rich and engaging environment.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is 7.45 until 8.45 every day. This is ran by our staff and will involve a range of activities to work on their prime areas: communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.

Have a look at our Breakfast Club assault course: Breakfast club (youtube.com)

Our Outdoor Area

We were hoping that work would have begun on our outdoor area but unfortunately the weather and floods have prevented this from happening.

Well, our children got sick of waiting so we decided to make a start ourselves.

Fantastic opportunity to train as a Secondary School teacher

Grandparent’s Tea Party

Next Thursday we have the Grandparent’s Tea Party. We are so excited to welcome our grandparents into our school. The ingredients have arrived!


We will be outside in all weathers so we want everyone wrapped up. There are so many amazing learning opportunities outside; it can be the best classroom in the world. This week we have explored forces at lunchtimes and it has been great fun!

Visit from the police

We had an amazing visit from two police officers this week. The children heard all about the role of our police and then had the opportunity to explore lots of the equipment, have a look inside the police car and then even try fingerprinting and collecting evidence. Our Heroes in the community theme has been inspirational for our Dragonflies and Caterpillars.

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