We are so excited to meet the first ever pupils of Bowbrook Primary!

Details of our induction process for the children starting with us in September 2023 are below:

Diary Dates
Dates Induction Event
Saturday 20th May 10:00am-12:00 noon Community Plant & Craft Fair @Coleham School
Thursday 8th June 6:00pm Parents Information Evening @ Coleham School
Thursday 15th June 3:45-5:00pm Family Stay & Play session @ Coleham School
Wednesday 28th – Friday 30th June Home visits with Reception Teacher
Thursday 20th July

Group 1 3:00-4:00pm

Group 2 4:15 -5:15pm

Bowbrook School Site Tour

The first official site visit for parents and children


Thursday 7th – Friday 8th September 8:50am to 3:20pm First week of school