Parent Governor Election

Dear Parents/Carers,

Parent Governor Election

We recently ran a Parent Governor election. However, unfortunately not everyone had the opportunity to vote for the candidates. As a result we need to repeat the process therefore we would like to ask you to vote for a new Parent Governor.

The candidates are:
-Abigail Haylett

-Kathy Hollinshead

Each candidate has submitted a supporting statement which you can read prior to voting. You may vote for one candidate. Each parent can only vote once, regardless of the number of pupils you have attending the school.

The supporting statements are attached and the link to submit your vote is below:

Voting Link

The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, the Chair of the Local Governing Body (LGB) and Headteacher will request a Knowledge and Skills Assessment from the tied candidates and recommend appointment by the Trustees based the candidate skills.

You have until Tuesday 28th May at 10:00am to cast your votes. When the election has been completed, the successful candidate will have to complete certain compliance documentation including a DBS check. We will let you know the outcome as soon as we can, but the process can take up to 4 weeks.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to support this election.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Sam Aiston (Headteacher)  and Mr Phil Wilson (Chair of LGB)


Bowbrook Primary School Local Parent Governor Nominations May 2024
Personal Statements

Nomination 1
Abigail Haylett

I am passionate about great education for our children and feel the ethos of Bowbrook matches that of our own, as parents. The fine blend of academic study with explorative and sensory experience is key to a developing child and something I fully support. I am a registered paediatric nurse with post graduate level education, working in public health so have integrated interest to promote equitable, high-standard education for our growing community.

I have a lot of safeguarding experience due to my role and respect the restrictions regarding confidential information. I have a flexible working schedule which allows me time to dedicate to the role of parent local governor and support the share of workload. I understand the importance of good teamwork within this role to get the best outcomes for the children and staff at the school, along with having an eye for compliance and good evaluation.

As a person, I have a warm personality and am very approachable – a trait I feel is important for the school community to know they are represented well on the board. As a family, we have had a great experience at Bowbrook with our youngest starting in the nursery class, with a view to continue his primary education. I hope to support the school as a school governor to give all families the same positive experience we have had so far. We also have experience of another established school locally, so I feel that will also contribute well to the journey of Bowbrook.

Nomination 2
Kathy Hollinshead

I wish to apply for the role of Parent Governor. My son, Rupert, has recently joined the Reception class at Bowbrook and has received such a warm welcome enabling him to settle quickly into his new class. As we are new to the area, I am keen to get to know the school better and engage with the local community.

I am passionate about working with children and improving their education and life-chances. I want to ensure all children have access to opportunities and am particularly keen to support children’s mental health. I currently work as a Teaching Assistant but have previously taught pupils in a range of settings, as a classroom teacher and an outdoor education officer. Therefore, I understand the pressures of the job and have a broad knowledge of education, the curriculum, SEN and safeguarding. I also have an understanding of the challenges schools face in terms of budgets and funding.

As a Parent Governor, I would like to learn more about the pressures faced by the school and provide support where needed. I am keen to help the school and the dedicated staff who work so hard to provide opportunities for the children.

I feel that my professional skills and my strong commitment to improving outcomes for all children would make me an excellent choice for the role of Parent Governor. I would be delighted to be given the opportunity to make a difference in the education of my child and the school as a whole.

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